Heyyy!! I’m the chick, behind the Chick With Brains brand.I’m a wife and mother to 4 (+ 3 naughty dogs!) My kids are my world. I’m a free-spirited optimist, who is always searching for the silver lining. I’m a writer, blogger, thinker, doer, and maker. I’m in perpetual learning/teaching mode, and want to share my knowledge, experience, and skill with YOU..

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With Each Website I build, I include an all emcompassing tutorial on how I did things and why I did them when setting up your site. I want to empower you with the knowledge on how your site works, and I hand YOU the information you will need to maintain or grow your website in the future. Most website developers that I know, don’t want you to learn about how to maintain, or change your website to ensure their job security. Most would prefer to only do what is expected and then get you to hire them for future tweaks and changes.







Knowledge of the ins and outs of how WordPress operates with both the user’s experience and the admin’s experience are hard to come by. I’ve been building successful WordPress blogs, communities and websites for years. Technology can be overwhelming, and I’ve got the experience to handle it for you.

My strongest gifts are writing and teaching others. It gives me satisfaction to share my knowledge to help others grow, personally and professionally. It’d be an honor to create and set up an awesome website for you.



I’m a small business expert and entrepreneur and I’ve building successful businesses since 2004. I’ve been blogging for over 18 years on all platforms (blogger, wordpress, tumblr and Wordpad). I always return to wordpress because it makes sense. WordPress sites, (since build upon a blogging platform) are so much more  SEO friendly. Every time you post or add or change something on your website it pings the search engines which increases your rankings. My experience with WordPress is all from personal experience. I love the creative process that goes into setting up a WordPress website and I’ve incorporated my graphic design skills into the services I now provide others with.




I incorporate my graphic design skills into setting up websites but if you need a logo, Facebook page cover, Twitter cover, Etsy shop banner, or something similar I’m your girl! I am a firm believer in branding across all platforms, so these services are very helpful to brand recognition and consistency.

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