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Why WordPress?

Why WordPress?

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I started blogging about 20 years ago,  and after trying several other platforms the first couple years, I found WordPress was the most serious blogging platform I could find. I love the fact that it is open-source (free to use and download) and that it was a collaborative effort by some of the best geeks around. After struggling for years with other platforms, I decided WordPress was the best way to reach my audience. (WordPress is released under GNU GPL license, which allows anyone in the world to download and use it. The source code is freely available for anyone to study, use, modify, and build upon. (See this article on why is WordPress free? What are the costs? What is the catch?) : Hint, there is NO catch! That’s why I love it!

3 Fun Facts About WordPress

(you might be surprised to learn some of these!)


1. WordPress has been around even before Facebook and Twitter. The first version of WordPress was released on May 27, 2003. This makes WordPress older than both Facebook and Twitter. WordPress’s longevity and stability are attractive to me.

This tells me that the developers of the platform are committed to providing support for an ongoing internet growth explosion, and they’re dedicated to their craft.



According to W3Techs web technologies surveys, WordPress currently powers nearly 27% of all websites.

According to Wappalyzer, WordPress dominates the content management software usage with 76.4% market share.

Hundreds of companies and thousands of professionals from all over the world sell WordPress based products, services, and solutions. WordPress provides excellent opportunities to thousands of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs (like ME, holla at yo’ girl!)  to build their businesses upon WordPress. (Check out their list of 20 most influential WordPress businesses and companies.)

WordPress is fully translated into 68 languages, and it is partially translated into dozens more. Many popular WordPress plugins and themes are also available in different languages. It can also be used as multi-lingual platform with the help of plugins like WPML and Polylang. (See their guide on how to install WordPress in other languages.)


WordPress is a community driven project and support is widely available free of cost. There is an official WordPress support forum which gets thousands of posts every day.

There are also resource websites like WPBeginner where users can find tutorials, watch videos, and learn WordPress.

(If you ever have questions about WordPress, simply reach out to worpdress through our contact form. We also recommend looking at their guide on how to properly ask for WordPress support and get it.)